CSE Student Groups' Events Calendar

All CSE Student Groups are welcome to add group events to the CSE Student Groups' Events Calendar

Events from the calendar will be used in the following ways:

When adding events, please be complete with your listing:

  • Be sure to answer the who, what, where, when, and why
    • Who is hosting AND who is invited?
    • What is happening during your event?
    • Where is it being hosted?
    • When is it being hosted?
    • Why should other students be interested in coming to your event?
  • Use the Where (location) box and the description box when creating your event
  • Include your group name in the title of the event
  • Repeating events are welcome on the calendar!

Please review our tip sheet for how to create effective events. Make sure that your event visibility is set to public. This calendar is moderated. We reserve the right to edit and/or remove events at any time for any reason.

To add CSE Student Group events to the calendar, please invite the following ID/email as a guest.

[email protected]

If you add events regularly add this address to your Google Contacts for easy access.

Calendar Example